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Friday, December 26, 2008

The best Christmas Gift of 2008

Wednesday, Christmas Eve, I checked the mail at the shop- There was an envelope addressed to Helen and myself. Not odd, this time of year as sometimes customers and vendors send us good tidings in the form of Christmas Cards.
The return address was from Missouri, I dont know anyone there, nor did Helen. I opened it up ,and inside was a Tag from a Camoflage Jacket, Cardboard Santa Face, a Football Trader card of some kid, and a church handout, that clearly had been carried around in someones pocket.
Truly odd...and no note, or indication from who this was from.
As Helen and I racked our brains, and giggled at the contents, I thought I would google the address online to see what came up.
A nursing home facility came up--Again we both didnt know anyone who would be in a nursing home, so I called.
I explained to the gal who answered the phone what we had received in the mail, and there was no letter, only the name Christian at the return address.
The lady said that there was a resident there by the name Ed Christian, and she asked him if he sent us a letter.
I could hear him in the background answering her questions. Then the lady said, Ed has your business card here.
Then Ed wanted to talk to me. I got on the phone with him.
He asked me if I liked the letter, and I said yes, but we were confused because there was no note.
He asked if I remembered him. And I told him, I didnt remember and Im sorry I didnt remember. ( I truly cannot remember, how I met this person)
I thanked him for the things, and asked him if he would like us to send him some stickers, and what kind did he like. He asked for military stickers, because he had been in Korea in the military. He then asked if I was still as good -looking as when he met me. (I had to giggle at that!) I told him he was a sweetheart.
Then I told him we would mail him stickers, and Merry Christmas.

So Helen and I mailed him a bunch of stickers, a Christmas card, and a picture of us!

I have been thinking, about this man in a nursing home in Missouri, who somehow has our business card, and decided to mail us his treasures. And while we are on the brink of devistation in losing our business...next our homes- and our marriages. Ed made us laugh. And for the next while, all we could do is think of Ed and getting him some stickers.

Merry Christmas Ed!


BlogBlogBlackSheep said...

Wow! That is an amazing story!
Love it!!!

Robyn said...

That truly is a amazing wonderful christmas time type of story! I will treasure that one for sure!

Renee and Agua Family said...

How can you split that in a scrapbook!! That is so cute maybe it was grandad coming through some guy in missouri! :)