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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Full Circle Moments

My life has been full of "full- circle" moments lately, and it's kinda wierd. I mean sometimes you think your life is just supposed to always move forward, but lately, its been jumping all back and forth. Sometimes feel like a 10 year old shy little girl meeting someone for the first time, totally insecure and nervous, then im that 17 year old wild child, that gave my parents such grief, then im that 23 year old single mom sleeping on an air mattress in my parents basement feeling hopeless and helpless, and then the 28 year old work-a-aholic, responsible, budgeting fanatic.
What's different is that I've felt this way before, rather then feeling it for the first time. And its that experience that helps...
I get to restart my life...I get to take all the things I dont want and throw them away. I get to keep all the things most important.

I get to do it right this time...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Don't feel sorry for me...

I didn't send out Christmas letters this year- Because so much is going on, and we were dealing with some issues personally, and professionally. First and formost we are all healthy!

As you all know with the state of our economy, everyone seems to know someone directly effected....we have really been hit. Our household was directly effected by Dax getting laid off as his company decided to rid the Sacramento position he held. Luckily he has been able to freelance from home so the boys can did not notice a real change and could continue with their activities.

Next my store, as sales continued to decline, rent increased, and credit tapped we decided to close our doors, and are currently in the liquidation process. I have really been struggling with this as this is also my hobby, and it was my dream, so I have to deal with this loss. It's been emotional and I am so thankful I have a business partner along side with me to get through it.

On top of this Dax and I are legally seperating. I did not want to make this public until a firm decision has been made. I was able to move in with a friend just 2 miles from the house. We have made a schedule so that the boys are not disrupted in their schooling, and activities, and we can both be as equally involved as we always have been . I chose to move, because then Dax can continue to freelance from home without being interuppted as he needs a constant Internet connection. Had he had to move, the boys would have suffered with the loss of that income, as I do not have any.

I do not want to go into the reasons behind this decision, but please know the boys are safe, and we are dealing with their feelings the best way we know how.
Also Honey and Holly (the dogs) are doing well!

We will be losing the house by the end of the year, but at least we know that the boys can finish their school year - and I will be looking for full time employment (I have already had an interview! Fingers are crossed!) and then its on to an apartment. The boys really want to stay at their school, so that will be my goal first and foremost.

We are getting through this. We are ok, its a daily struggle, but we are hanging in there. Life is going on, the boys are still in scouting, and DJ even started wrestling.

I hope you can all understand why I have been more distant, the last several months, as I have been consumed with these changes. I have many close friends surrounding me here with their support, and getting me through this time. I just feel its time to tell all of our close friends and family- And we have really tried in every way to make everything work out, but it just didnt. This is a real freedom for me to tell everyone I love. And its just time for change.

I'm looking forward to a better year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

The best Christmas Gift of 2008

Wednesday, Christmas Eve, I checked the mail at the shop- There was an envelope addressed to Helen and myself. Not odd, this time of year as sometimes customers and vendors send us good tidings in the form of Christmas Cards.
The return address was from Missouri, I dont know anyone there, nor did Helen. I opened it up ,and inside was a Tag from a Camoflage Jacket, Cardboard Santa Face, a Football Trader card of some kid, and a church handout, that clearly had been carried around in someones pocket.
Truly odd...and no note, or indication from who this was from.
As Helen and I racked our brains, and giggled at the contents, I thought I would google the address online to see what came up.
A nursing home facility came up--Again we both didnt know anyone who would be in a nursing home, so I called.
I explained to the gal who answered the phone what we had received in the mail, and there was no letter, only the name Christian at the return address.
The lady said that there was a resident there by the name Ed Christian, and she asked him if he sent us a letter.
I could hear him in the background answering her questions. Then the lady said, Ed has your business card here.
Then Ed wanted to talk to me. I got on the phone with him.
He asked me if I liked the letter, and I said yes, but we were confused because there was no note.
He asked if I remembered him. And I told him, I didnt remember and Im sorry I didnt remember. ( I truly cannot remember, how I met this person)
I thanked him for the things, and asked him if he would like us to send him some stickers, and what kind did he like. He asked for military stickers, because he had been in Korea in the military. He then asked if I was still as good -looking as when he met me. (I had to giggle at that!) I told him he was a sweetheart.
Then I told him we would mail him stickers, and Merry Christmas.

So Helen and I mailed him a bunch of stickers, a Christmas card, and a picture of us!

I have been thinking, about this man in a nursing home in Missouri, who somehow has our business card, and decided to mail us his treasures. And while we are on the brink of devistation in losing our business...next our homes- and our marriages. Ed made us laugh. And for the next while, all we could do is think of Ed and getting him some stickers.

Merry Christmas Ed!

Monday, November 17, 2008


*** Note she got out on a 50,000 bail. Meaning her 10% to get out was 5000, hmmm where did she get that money??? This will probably go to trial, because she is not confessing.

I got a call last night from the Detective, that she was arrested! Finally! After 6 months of this investigation, they got her! I dont have any more details than that. I don't know at this point if it will go to trial, if she denies it- I guess. I'm also hoping the local media and paper will pick the story up so we can get the mug shot!
And now that the arrest was made- I can finally tell people the facts. I was advised to not discuss the specifics of the evidence- until the arrest was made.
This woman stole from Kids. This Mother of 5,
She paid her personal utility bills with league money, wrote over 9000$ in checks to herself, took thousands in cash withdraws, proven by her signature at the bank (one specicific transaction was 9-100 billas and 5-2o's)and wrote checks to the league from her bank that bounced totalling about 4k.
As the whistleblower in this- I got some harassment from her, as well as her "friends" But at least now...The Law is on our side, and even if we never see a penny back from her, just to know she now has a criminal felony on her , is justice enough.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Am I a Super Mom?

Don't feel like it sometimes but....

According to this video I am!


PS..If you want to feel "Super" try it!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yee Haw Cowboy...

DJ Castro- "The Fastest Draw in the West"
"Lil" Kennedy
For Stealing all the Choclolate Loot!

Halloween 2008--- On a Budget!
Would you believe these 2 cowboys, are ready for the Halloween festivities and I spent only about $30 bucks total! We had our Scout Halloween Party last night, and on Halloween this year, we will go to a Free event at "The Bounce Spot"
Mason decided he's too old to dress up (at 12) so sadly, it will only be the 2 boys with our annual theme.

Catch up Time....

So I feel like my life is officially a Soap Opera..Ill have to come up with a catchy title---
So Ill update my fan club as best as I can...

Update on Football embezzlement case...
We are still in an investigation status...apparently I cant discuss the details until an "arrest" has been made, but I have been made aware that its getting close..the Drama was twisted when 2 ignorant parents who have nothing to do with the case, (unless they are friends with the former treasurer, decided to get all political and protest outside my store)
The reason being was I allowed open registration nights at my shop, so they accused me of putting the money into my store.
On top of that, they felt their child didnt have a complete uniform (socks were backordered) on top of that she bounced a check to us!
Due to thier ignorance and thinking our entire board is at fault, it made the local media FOX 40, as well as "someone" posted slanderous material on Craigslist...

All we could do is bite tongues! They finally went away from my shop, but we banned them from all League events, and there was even a restraining order taken on this parent...

The Store... The economy is not helping us at all, We have been racking our brains to figure out ways to stay in business, instead of developing classes, and ordering new product..We are researching bankrupcy, and slashing prices.
We have some ideas and an ounce of hope left for November and have officially announced to our loyals our suffering. We dont want a "pity-party" but we want to be fair. It is the public that is the driving force behind small business. You can only work so hard, and then it has to be faith and fate that will keep you in business. Believe me we are not lazy, we launched 2 additional businesses (divisions) within the shop , one being a non-profit and a promotions apparel company hoping that we could diversify and make additional revenue...but Helen and I are looking for jobs too.

Can it get worse? Oh yes...Dax got laid off! A week ago Friday, just as he was signing in for a conference call, his Office Manager told him the bad news. Apparently his company JACOBS, wants all Marketing and Creative Services positions at the So. Cal building. Since Dax was the only one who did what he did in Sacramento, he was let go. What's even more disappointing was he had just had his annual review- all good. Then BAM! But it was so nice we got 2 weeks severance (sarcastic) Ok, Glass half full moment...Dax's Freelance work has been great. He's been busy with that, and making connections right and left. Many of my close friends want to know why he dosnt Freelance full time. Well, no benefits, and no assured paycheck, thats why.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I was in the paper today!!!!

As I called our Football President today to check in , the first think out of his mouth was "Did you hear?" Hear what????

Apparently the police report I filed last Friday made todays West Sacramento newspaper front page...

let me backtrack---

I am the league treasurer, last year I was on the board as volunteer...fundrasing coordinator-I was in charge of a cookie do fundraiser, as well as a Monte Carlo night... during these events league checks started bouncing, it was strange as I had turned in all monies I collected...

The treasurer stopped showing up to meetings and just made a small appearance at the end of the monte carlo night..(so we could give her the money!)

Fast forward to May 08, as we started the new board meetings, I was asked to step in as new treasurer, and was voted in, our President suggested I call to get the laptop, and all the documents from the old treasurer, he thought that perhaps since his attemps failed, and I didn not directly work with her, that she would comply-- this is where the wierdness starts...she said on the first conversation in June that she would bring me the stuff- then no show, I even invited her to the first meeting. Then I had a legnty conversation with her, and she said she needed invoices and what nots from the President. This seemed wierd becasue these were items she as treasurer should have had in her possession. I left her a final message to drop off all the things at my store, so that she would have to deal with "me".

Also about this time, we vote her off the board, and with a paper provided by the bank we were able to boot her off the account and then access all the bank records. Unfortuanly the board made the mistake of not looking at what she was doing...after all she is a mother with 2 children in the program....trustworthy right????

Wrong...There were over 11K in cash withdraws, I would say most of that is unauthorized and unknown, 2 payments to Direct TV, and over 400 in NSF fees...

As a board we keep this quiet, and start the bank looking into these withdraws (still pending) we make 2 certified letter attempts to get our property back( laptop and paperworks)

heres where the really wierd stuff happens, or where her stupidity shows its face...

Oh yeah, I forgot, she enrolled her kid in football, the nerve!!!

So our demand letter for the property, as well as her last $25 payment must have hit her nerve, becase she shows up to the field as practice is ending, with some form she found online from the attorney general-- saying she reported us as an illegal 5013c, and emebzzlement etc...we ask her again where the property is, and she says she turned it in to the attorney generals office...(wierd!)

Now isnt that calling the kettle black!

This last Saturday she shows up to the game, and based on the fact she did not return property, she was not in good standing and we decided to not let her in...

she raised a ruckus and the police were called to escort her out...

she barged into my store Monday and threw a paper at me, telling me I could make a copy.. it was a porperty receipt from the Police Dept... dated that day and 1 hour previos..

so she in fact lied, that she turned in the stuff previos to that wed, she had just turned it in!!!!!!

sooo I tell her to step outside my store, and I make the copy...

she goes on to tell me her laywer will be contacting us...yada yada...

Helen actually has to tell her to leave, becasue she is causing a disturbance at the store...

I file an incident report for documentation...just incase she decides to come back to the shop I can call the cops on her ...

so today, apparently the press can take the police/fire logs and choose to make articles out fo them, so they choose to write about my report filed about the ALLEGED 11k embezzlled!

I attened the High School Booster meeting, so I missed her appearance tonight as she accused our president of embezzling from the vendor they got the shirts from--she is trying to accuse him if getting a 'kick back' --but I have all the records!!! I have outstanding debt to resovle becasue she didnt pay bills!

I am confiident justice will catch up with her, and what we are now doing on the board is well documented and justified to run this program.

I do this becasue I enjoy it, I want to participate in my childrens programs while giving them their space....

I like to volunteer, it takes my mind off my troubles..and gets me out of the house so I dont have to clean it....(Heheehhe)

So, I was in the paper today, not for something fantabulous,...but rather something, that some moron did, and I am a witness to it.

Ill post more as it unravels.....